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The Dragon Knight crouched on a gargoyle, surveying his city, as he spoke to his friend on the nearby rooftop. “I hate this, Greymalkin. Abandoning her. I’m supposed to protect her from harm.”

The mage looked up from the dossier he was reading. “You will be protecting her, DK. You’re not abandoning her, just. . . expanding the perimeter.” Greymalkin’s eyes flicked back towards the file in his hands. “This one has potential.”

The Dragon Knight scratched his chin with mail covered fingers. “But no real experience.” He sighed. “I have to leave her in the hands of try-hards, and second-raters. Present company excepted, of course.”
Galsworthy waved the comment away. “We both know I can’t dedicate the time to doing what you do, given my” – the words turned venomous – “Grand Destiny.”
“Speaking of which, any one of those look likely to be your student?”
Shuffling the files in his hands Galsworthy shrugged.
“Reply hazy, try again. Provided you can help keep what’s coming as far away as possible for as long as possible, there is a chance one of these might have potential. A slim chance.”

The Dragon Knight looked back out to the skyline. “That’ll have to do.”

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Shadows of Taren Sen Sen