Shí Hóu


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Shí Hóu fights crime in a costume based off Shaolin Kung Fu. His arms and hands, and lower legs are wrapped and bound in thick ropes and he wears soft shoes to allow him to move silently. The padding on his hands and feet provide added protection and grip for traversing rooftops and scaling buildings and obstacles. He wears a mask on his face fashioned to resemble a screaming monkey.


Shí Hóu was born in Hong Kong almost 25 years ago. His parents sent him to the West when he was only 8 years old to live with his “Uncle” Jing-Sheng in Taren. He grew up in Bedlam with his Jing-Sheng and the man he called “Grandfather Xuan”. He gave the old man, who was actually Jing-Sheng’s father, the nickname after he gifted Shí with a copy Journey to the West on his arrival in Taren. From then on their relationship flourished and a friendship grew.

Xuan taught him of Taren and of Western customs and helped him with his English studies. After Shí was jumped by a number of thugs on his way home from school, Xuan added the study of Kung Fu to their daily lessons.

Today Shí works in his Uncle’s restaurant delivering take out orders throughout Bedlam. He has seen a lot of pain and suffering on his journeys through the city but managed to keep his nose out of it – until now. After discovering that his Uncle has hired out his restaurant as a front for illicit activities, and seeing how the staff – the only family he’s really had besides Xuan – are being abused and mistreated, Shí Hóu has finally reached breaking point. Inspiration for what he must do came to him in the form of the battered old book that still sat on his book shelf…

Shí Hóu

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