Taren City Police Department


The Taren City Police Department (TCPD), officially the City of Taren Metropolitan Police Department, was established in 1840 and is one of the largest municipal police forces in the United States, having primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within Taren City. The TCPD is one of the oldest police departments established in the United States, tracing its roots back to the first ten-man night watch in 1622.

The TCPD has a broad array of specialized services, including the Emergency Service Unit, canine, harbor patrol, air support, bomb disposal, counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence, anti-gang, anti-organized crime, vice, and Special Investigations. The STAR (Superhuman Tactics and Regulation) Squad is under the joint command of the Special Investigations and Counter Terrorism divisions.

Prior to 1901, the TCPD was run by a board of four to six commissioners that jointly ran the department. From 1901 onwards, the TCPD has been run by a single commissioner that solely ran the department. The current Police Commissioner is Roy Alquist.

According to the department, its mission is “to enforce the law and preserve the peace, to protect and serve.”

Taren City Police Department

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