Taren City


Taren is a city on the East Coast of the United States. Once a powerful industrial center, the weakening dollar and foreign competition twenty years ago caused it to slide into decay and crime. Now, boosted by cutting‐edge communications industries (and the efforts of its small population of civic‐minded supers, most notably the Dragon Knight), Taren is beginning to climb out of its two decade slump.

In ancient times, Taren was built on an archipelago of small islands, the two rivers burst their banks flooding all but the highest points of the city, which lead to the formation of these islands. More islands formed over the years by the people reclaiming land from the flood.
Getting around Taren between the islands was done via a system of canals, bridges and skywalks. It’s been said that there was once as many canals in the city as there are major streets.

More and more land has been reclaimed from the water over the years and modern Taren has much fewer canals, with only four main ones still used for shipping purposes, connecting the east (Haelen) and west (Kenson) rivers.

Due to the fact that much of the city was built on reclaimed land, effectively building a new layer of the city on top of what was submerged, many of the old buildings, cellars, submerged streets abandoned sewers form a sort of tunnel and cave network under most of the city.

Taren City

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