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  • Roy Alquist

    *Police Commissioner Roy Alquist* is the head of the Taren City Police Department. The Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor, and serves at the Mayor's pleasure. Alquist comes from a long line of police officers and was the first person to rise from …

  • Kate Garcia

    *Detective First Grade Kate Garcia* was born and grew up in Midtown, the daughter of Cuban parents. Her parents moved to the United States from Cuba as teenagers. Garcia joined the Taren City Police Department in 2003 and was assigned to uniformed and …

  • George G. Galsworthy

    *George Galsworthy* is a former fortune‐telling con‐man currently enrolled in Taren University as a mature student.

  • Dexter Goode

    *Dexter Goode* Dexter Goode grew up in public housing in Bayside while it was still considered part of Bedlam. His grandmother raised him and tried to insulate him from the criminal activity in the neighborhood, encouraging him to focus on his studies. …

  • Sandra Xiao

    Sandy is a Chinese-American inhabitant of Old Bedlam. Her father is an engineer for Goode Industries in Stillmill.

  • Zhu Xiao

    Zhu Xiao is a Chinese inhabitant of Old Bedlam. He is a cousin of Sandra Xiao. In High School he was constantly bullied to the extent that many people only knew him as "Piggy" and never learned his actual name.

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