Kate Garcia

Special Investigations Detective



5’8". Brown hair, brown eyes and athletic.

Kate has been a member of the Taren Police Dept. for 12 years.
While incredibly loyal, she can be hot headed and use harsh methods. When asked if she “crosses the line” and violates procedure from time to time, Commissioner Alquist answered, “I think she walks on the line”.


Detective First Grade Kate Garcia was born and grew up in Midtown, the daughter of Cuban parents. Her parents moved to the United States from Cuba as teenagers.

Garcia joined the Taren City Police Department in 2003 and was assigned to uniformed and plain-clothes duty in the 9th Precinct in Midtown and in the 10th (Midtown South) Precinct (Bakers’ Square). She was later transferred to the vice division as an undercover officer in Old Bedlam and Bayside and was promoted to detective in September 2012.

She is currently assigned to the Special Investigations Division of the TCPD, operating out of the 13th Precinct.

Kate Garcia

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