Dexter Goode

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist. Founder and owner of Goode Industries.



6’2". Dark hair, greying at the temples. Brown eyes. Perpetual stubble.


Dexter Goode

Dexter Goode grew up in public housing in Bayside while it was still considered part of Bedlam. His grandmother raised him and tried to insulate him from the criminal activity in the neighborhood, encouraging him to focus on his studies.
Goode excelled at school with minimal effort and was accepted into Taren University’s engineering program; but he was troubled with mental health issues.

When Goode’s grandmother died, he suffered a nervous breakdown and dropped out of college suffering from what became full blown disassociative personality disorder.

His alter ego took over and committed him to a life of crime. His intelligence and business acumen helped him to rise quickly and he worked his way up from runner and lookout to lieutenant for a gang of drug dealers.

He saw opportunities for big scores and improved distribution of drugs that his leaders dismissed as too risky, impossible, or not worthwhile. Goode ignored his superiors’ orders and organized a robbery of ARES Labs. He planned to sell any items and information obtained to competitors.
He was amazed at the sophistication of the advanced prototype weapons and equipment his crew recovered. He was, however, unprepared for the reaction of the ARES Special operations units that were sent to recover the items and information. The units targeted Goode’s gang and offered a million dollar reward for his location. His former gang leaders quickly turned against him and his conspirators abandoned him.

Left alone and with no recourse, Goode decided to use the stolen goods to defend himself. Equipped with an experimental powered exoskeleton Goode defeated an ARES unit and scavenged their equipment. With these new parts, he created a suit that was better than anything ARES Labs was producing and was able to easily take over the drug and protection rackets in Taren.

By defeating the ARES Special operations units that were hunting him, Goode soon had a large cache of similar equipment available to him. He modified and tweaked these prototypes and outfitted his own crew of gang members. With this much muscle, it was time to expand his operation. A series of bank robberies and gang land hits followed.

Goode might have taken over all of Taren City, but the ARES Labs technicians had created a kill switch virus that infiltrated and then attacked the central computer control system of the stolen prototypes. He and his gang were trapped, immobilized in their equipment and delivered to the Taren City Police Department. The court sentenced Goode to 60 years in prison. The testimony of the next of kin of innocent bystanders injured or killed by himself and his crew was part of the reason for the length of the sentence, and more importantly, caused Goode to reevaluate his life.

With therapy and medication to combat his mental illness, Goode decided to try to correct his past mistakes.
From prison, he submitted patent applications for the many improvements he made to the ARES Labs technology. He offered some of them as restitution for the damage he had caused the company. ARES refused Goode’s proposal, but used his ideas anyway. Goode sued and received a judgment worth hundreds of millions of dollars for patent infringement. He settled with ARES Labs for less than the full amount of the judgment, providing the company with what he felt was fair compensation. He used the rest of the settlement money to compensate victims of his crimes and to outfit the prison with an electronics workshop.

During his limited free time in prison, Goode designed one of the first personal computers and wrote the operating system to run it. He exchanged code with others in the industry and was a co-founder of Orange Computing, which became one of the most successful PC and software companies in the world. Goode stayed out of the corporate side of the company, but contributed to the technical innovations of Orange. A few years later, he sold his portion of Orange, becoming a billionaire in the process, and developed his next business.
Goode created a set of algorithms to allow users to catalogue the contents of the web and search it more effectively. His new company,, became the predominant web-based search engine. As it moves into the production of consumer electronics devices, Fetch has become a direct competitor of Orange.

As money poured in from legitimate enterprise, Goode made sure that his holdings gave back to the very community he once victimized. These donations brought Goode to the attention of the Parole Board. After many years in prison, Dexter Goode, having served the minimum amount of his sentence, was paroled and released from prison.

He returned to Taren City and created a company specializing in power armor with the intent of creating an advanced set of armor with superior surveillance and defense capabilities to enable law enforcement officers to better combat supervillains. ARES Labs moved to stop Goode in the courts by claiming that he was improperly utilizing its research. Goode decided, rather than fight a lengthy court battle, to abandon his efforts, fulfilling any remaining debt he felt toward ARES.

With ARES Labs opposing any venture for Goode to enter in the arena of powered armor or defense contracting, he decided to go with a more low key enterprise: advanced sunglasses and eye protection.
Rolling out their first set of sports glasses, the Scarabs, Goode’s glasses were an instant success. The Scarabs had interchangeable lenses and were marketed to athletes and shooters. As his glasses gained popularity with the military, Goode began to alter the design. First he developed his next set, called Snap Shells, with integrated heads up display linked to a wearable tactical computer built into the soldier’s armor. He then branched into helmets and non powered tactical body armor with technological components. While he grew the tactical side of the business, he also fostered the Phoenix branded sporting goods side of the house with advanced athletic shoes, clothing, and hydration packs. Goode finally took the company public. Selling the stock with the announcement of his new sunglasses product, the Oracle, Goode went from millionaire to billionaire.

As Goode built his business empire, he always tried to give back to a city that had once despised him. He gave to charities as well as volunteered to several organizations across the city. To see that prison wasn’t just a revolving door for those thrown back into society, he went out of his way to recruit ex-cons. He gave them decent jobs, respect, and the ability to grow with the company they were helping to build.

Dexter Goode

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